Strange Driving Laws Around The World

July 23rd, 2019 by

Most every driver knows the basic driving laws. Stop at a stop sign, use your turn signal, go the speed limit, etc. but what if you got a ticket for having a dirty car? In Russia that is the case a driver can be fined for having a dirty car! Weird right? Well here are some more interesting driving laws around the world.


  1. Alabama: it’s against the law to drive with a blindfold.
  2. California: illegal for women to drive wearing a bathrobe.
  3. Tennessee it’s illegal to shoot a whale from your car.
  4. Illinois– It’s illegal to drive a car without a steering wheel. (I don’t know how one would drive without a steering wheel)



  1. Denmark: drivers are legally required to check under the car for people every time you enter the vehicle.
  2. Germany: if you are into cars then you are most likely familiar with the German Autobahn (famous for not having a speed limit) However, it is strictly illegal to stop or break down for any reason other than an emergency! Running out of fuel is driver negligence. The price drivers pay for this offence? Well it could be a six-month driving ban or even five years in prison!
  3. It is a legal requirement in France for you to carry your own breathalyzer.
  4. Cyprus: illegal to drink or eat while driving


  1. Thailand: it is illegal to drive shirtless
  2. Philippines: to minimize the cars on the road, they use a number system. The last number on the license plate dictates the day the car cannot be on the road:

Monday: 1 and 2

            Tuesday 3 and 4

            Wednesday 5 and 6

            Thursday: 7 and 8

            Friday: 9 and 0

Also… it is illegal to operate a Right-hand drive car.

Make sure to check out the laws wherever you are driving to stay safe out there on the road!

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